Packaging and printing business has become as culturally diverse as any industry. This industry crosses all sorts of border in the hurt for quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Following China’s admission into the World Trade Organization, its border will be further exposed to international businesses.

At Cheong Ming, we are leveraging the knowledge and experience gained in the pre-WTO China, Our code of conduct has long been established to meet the requirement of one of the world’s most famous international conglomerates. Many corporations in many countries are following this set of requirement as a world standard. The major conditions include employee’s welfare, working conditions, workplace safety, worker’s health and living conditions and environmental protection. The details are laid down in manuals and are legitimately governed. All employees of Cheong Ming are abide by the manuals from time to time to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunities for all employees.

We are also committed to provide a healthy working environment that is favorable to customer’s business and our continuous growth. All along, the positive attitude towards work is highly commendable and something to be proud of. In realization of the importance of skilled personnel in ensuring continuous growth, we have been concentrating on training programs for employees of every level. Trainings are given to employees both internally and externally. Corresponding to programmes, career advancement opportunities are strong motivations for maintaining the company’s growth.

Our marketing team will be more than happy to provide more comprehensive information on code of conduct of Cheong Ming, please feel free to contact us.